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We insist on the principle of chance equity and result justice. We devote to creating active, simple and harmonious work atmosphere, building up dedicatory, united and aggressive spirit and forging politically flourishing and enlightened company culture. Under the circumstances of constantly improvement of business administration and company culture, we creatively put forward our own core philosophy:

Corporation Vision
Equal chances, Fair consequence, acknowledgment of differences, advocating value.

Corporation Goal
To be the leader and specialist of commercial vehicle interior trim field.

Core philosophy
Systematic, Simplicity, Controllable, Effective.

Core worldviews
Love the nation, love the group, love the job and love the life.

Core  values
Reject selfishness, embrace the ego, advocating selflessness.

Business philosophy
Worship for nature, Love to mankind, Obtain profit while keeping righteousness .

Core Awareness
Market Awareness.

Core ability
Learning ability and innovation ability based on the constant self-denial.

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